Man Commits Suicide As Creditor Threaten To Report To Zangbeto Over ₦75,000 Debt In Badagry

Man Commits Suicide As Creditor Threaten To Report To Zangbeto Over ₦75,000 Debt In Badagry

A young man in his 30s, Abayomi has taken the costly choice to repay his debt of ₦75,000 which he is unable to pay back.

His creditor had threaten to report him to local security outfit, Zangbeto, who’d help retrieve the debt.

The event was reportedly to have occured around 7:30 pm on Monday at Huyonwhe compound Ajido, Badagry Lagos State.

An anonymous neighbour explained that Abayomi commuted suicide over the debt and wish he knew in order to lend a hand to him.

In his words:

“When I came back from office yesterday around 7:30 pm, I saw a crowd gathering around, I asked what’s going on they said it’s Abayomi that committed suicide. I now went to the compound, as I don’t like seeing such things I didn’t go close to seeing him.

It was there I got to know that he owed someone the sum of N75,000 and the person wants to recoup his money. And Abayomi had tried every means he could to pay back but could not.”

“The creditor went ahead to report Abayomi to Zangbeto, which is a local mini court where they will agree on how he intend to pay back the money.”

“It could have been that the news of his creditor reporting him to Zangbeto which he heard yesterday, that made him commit suicide.” He added.

Speaking with one of the people that talked with Abayomi last, before he took the poisonous substance.

He said “I told Abayomi that he should have informed me about the debt before it got to the level of reporting to Zangbeto, because I’m close to this creditor and we would have known how to settle it. So he went inside and I left.

The next thing we heard was Abayomi is dead, I was like the person I spoke with few minutes ago.”

As at the point this new was gathered Abayomi was already buried.

Abayomi before his death was an event decorator with unique touch.

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