A Nigerian man on Facebook (Nathaniel Adegoke) praises his Old Dad (a sickler) on his Birthday.(photoNews)

A Man on Facebook with the name Nathaniel Adegoke, has pen down a very emotional write up for his sickle cell (sickler) dad on his birthday Today 15 January 2021.

The three generation

He went ahead to express his love for his dad, explain his kind of person as a pastor and how his Church members adore him .

He went further to explain how his mum and dad meet and how he as treated her over the years and he as never given up on himself as a sickler

it’s was so sweet and emotional to read.

See the post below below:

My Dad!!!

He is the most amazing man I know. Not because he’s my Dad but because he truly is a great man.

He’s a pastor but not your regular type. His favorite artiste is Adekunle Gold, he like Baileys and his house is where the whole world come to for food and shelter. He met my mum when she was a teenager. Married her a few years later. My mum had me on the day of their wedding. My dad made sure she went to Uni and got her first degree in English, then a secondary degree in Law and then a Masters degree too. He simply allowed her. He gave her room and also wings. He made sure she was everything and more that she could be. My mum had access to everything he had. His bank alerts go to her phone. They are a team. Their age difference not withstanding, they’re truly friends. My Dad is not perfect but he’s a lover. That love covered a multitude of sin. He will go to the ends of the earth for others he doesn’t know. I’m the one that reminds him he needs to slow down.

He is a sickler…he has battled the disease since he was born but he never gives up. He has the strongest faith I know. It is easy for my mum to love him back because he first loved her.

My Dad still manages to call me almost everyday. I’ve been keeping my health challenges from him. Last week I was with my doctor. My phone called him without my knowledge and he heard our conversation. Talk about being an abiyamo! He will gist me and say everything that happened during his day including the neighbours chicken that jumped over the fence. I get weary sometimes and when I don’t answer the phone maybe because I’m busy or because I’m not with the phone, he will sub me the next time he calls. He can gist for Africa. As a much younger person when I haven’t mastered my introversion, and I couldn’t keep up with his need for social interaction, he will say things like, why are you ignoring me? 😝

His church members adore him. He’s never earned a penny from the church. He serves them with his heart. I remember one night I told him I had an early morning flight the next day to Abuja for business. He made a mental note of it and he started calling my phone at 5am. When I picked, he said he was trying to wake me up. He doesn’t want me to miss my flight. 🙄 Apparently he didn’t sleep. On another occasion, I was travelling abroad, he insisted he will come to Lagos and babysit his grandkids while I was away. 🙌

He once had a staff that was stealing from him, millions of naira. We all know. He would still defend the guy and say things like, someone that’s bad today can become good tomorrow. Don’t write anyone off. If I sack him now, how will his wife and children survive. Of course, I’ll give a side eye. 🙄

He built a house for his Dad in Kaduna where we all grew up. His Dad (my grandpa) too was a Pastor. Guess what, I built him a house last year too. Though he told me not to worry because there’s nothing wrong with the house he’s living in. It’s the least I can do for my hero.

I can write a whole book about this man. Today is his birthday. ❤️❤️

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