Fayose: Killings during Ekiti Assembly bye-election state-sponsored terrorism, evidence of rejection of APC

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has described the killing in Omuo Ekiti today, by suspected thugs of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as “clear evidence of state-sponsored terrorism against her own citizens, who have rejected the party in government.

The former governor said the killing of innocent people, just because of a five wards House of Assembly bye-election was barbaric and shameful.

He said: “I thought we have gone past this barbarism in Ekiti State especially when we are confronted with national insecurity to which the government have no solution.

“What was witnessed today in Omuo Ekiti is nothing but terrorism against the people of Ekiti, knowing that time has caught up with them and they are no longer popular.

This will remain guilt in the conscience of the perpetrators and their sponsors perpetually for killing their own people just because of a mere House of Assembly bye-election.

“Most importantly, everything that goes round in life comes round. The perpetrators of this despicable act should therefore remember that there will be consequences for all actions because the blood of the dead will surely speak and fight back.

“To the police in Ekiti, they know what to do and the people behind all these, if only they chose not to look away.  Ekiti shall be free again if we collectively confront and win this battle against fake apostles of democracy.

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