How I Turned 235,000 Naira to 985,000 Naira Selling Melon Seed (Eguisi)

How I Turned 235,000 Naira to 985,000 Naira Selling Melon Seed (Eguisi)

Success they say comes in various ways, and fortune is an opportunity that’s knocks on the door of those that are bold to take a step. My story is more of a testimony as I think ascribing it to luck will be an understatement.

2018 was the year, I just finished my NYSC program, when I returned to my village in Doma, Nasarawa state. I remember as a youth corper i was very active in the school I was posted to, as I quickly decided to engage myself by offering lesson tutoring for a fee in the community that I was posted to instead of idling whenever I wasn’t busy. Two fellow corpers decided to join me in the lesson and we were able to get at least 20,000 naira each as our lesson pay monthly, apart from the federal government allowance been paid into our various accounts by the Federal Government.

I was able to keep all my service allowance. so when I finished serving by July 5th, i traveled back home and within the period I was home coincides with the harvest for Melon seed “Eguisi” since I had money that I didn’t have urgent need for I decided to invest in Eguisi by buying some bags at the rate of 23,500 Naira and storing them up in the store, so that it will appreciate before I resell. But just 3 months into my investment the price of Eguisi swiftly jumped from 23,500 naira to 98,500 Naira. So I decided to cash out on my investment by selling them all for the huge price, to my surprise, I made an incredible profit of 75,000 Naira per bag.

It is harvest time for Eguisi again, but I am finding it hard to make another investment as last year wasn’t a successful venture for me, but I look forward to putting in some funds in buying , so I can store and resell when the price goes up.

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