How Mary Daniel Moved from a One Legged Pure Water seller to a House owner in Lagos State

Recall, Mary Daniels was a pure water hawker who gained favor from a lot of Nigerians after she was seen hawking pure water in the street of Lagos. Her zeal and effort to earn a living despite her condition made a lot of Nigerians have sympathy on her. Below is a throwback photo showing Mary Daniel as a street hawker

Mary Daniel also narrated all she went through in life, including how she got impregnated and dumped by her fiancé in 2018. Her fiancé denied impregnating her and out of shame, she relocated to Delta state.

Mary Daniels relocated from Delta state to Lagos state after giving birth to her child. She started hawking pure water and bottle water as a means to earn a living. She was also sleeping at the balcony of a building in Oshodi.

Her story was touching and due to her condition, a lot of Nigerians decided to raise some money for her to start up something better. A go-fund-me account was raised on her behalf and Nigerians donated a lot of money to her.

All the donations raised by different Nigerians was over N14million. The money was handed over to this lady and that was how her journey out of poverty began. She became a millionaire overnight.

According to some photos posted by Punch Newspapers, this amputee water hawker is now a house owner. You need to see the massive house this lady has acquired in Lagos state. Below are some pictures showing the house this lady acquired in Lagos state:

Mary revealed that she bought this house for about N17million. She is also about to establish a water factory in Lagos state. Indeed, this is a story from grass to grace.

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