Lady Blasts Mercy Aigbe, Others Over Kemi Afolabi #GoFundMe

You Flaunt Millions but Are Asking Us to Donate, Lady Blasts Mercy Aigbe, Others Over Kemi Afolabi #GoFundMe

Mercy Aigbe, Yomi Fabiyi among other Nollywood stars recently filmed a video seeking the support of the public on behalf of colleague, Kemi Afolabi
The movie stars pleaded with their fans, supporters and other members of the public to donate money to the actress who is battling Lupus.

A lady on social media, however, heavily clamped down on the movie stars while submitting that they are taking members of the public for fools
A handful of Nollywood stars have been heavily rebuked for coming together to beg members of the public for funds on behalf of colleague, Kemi Afolabi, who is battling lupus.

Movie stars Mercy Aigbe, Sola Kosoko, and Yomi Fabiyi among others were seen in an emotional video where they talked about their ailing colleague and how she needs money to carry on with her life.

Mercy specifically mentioned that Afolabi who is her friend has been battling the life-threatening ailment for two years all on her own.

Lady blasts movie stars
A lady who came across the video on social media wasn’t entirely pleased with the line of action trailed by the famous movie stars.

The enraged woman wondered how the superstars have gotten comfortable with the idea of running to the public to seek funds whenever they are battling medical challenges.

According to her, it shouldn’t be so hard for the movie stars who are fund of flaunting luxury lifestyles on social media to cuff out a million or two for their sick colleague.

She said it appears the entertainers are starting to take members of the public for fools which is why they have no shame in coming out to seek funds.

The lady added that it would have made more sense if they announced that they have raised about N200 million and only need the public to complement their efforts.

She equally submitted that if they are indeed guilty of showing off fake lives online and making people think they are rich, they are consequently jeopardizing those who are really in need of help.

Watch the full video below:

Social media users react
dohaty9 said:

“U guys just funny 10 of ur actress or actors can’t contribute 1m each to saved her life or all luxurious cars houses fake activities. To obtain Nigeria citizens money with fake crying.”
asakett said:

“True talk ,they shuld all sell their luxuries to help there fellow colleague nd stop coming to the public for help if they really love their colleague as they have said .mtchew.”
judysmiles_ said:

“Honestly cos people post things online doesn’t mean they have struggles we don’t know how much they’ve raised on their own and why they are coming out to solicit for funds, stop this entitlement mentality and help someone if you want to.”
_syndyroyal said:

“Hypocrites, obviously they can help her without doing this video.”
hassannaaaaa said:

“You don’t know what contribution they’ve made. Before it becomes viral, mercy aigbe funded her hospital bills, she’s one of her closest friends. I don’t know about others. May God heal her.”

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