Nigerians Protest As Security Operatives Beat Prophet Odumeje Indaboski After Demolishing His Church

Nigerianshave protested the manhandling of famous Nigerian prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaeme also known as Prophet Odumeje, by the security operatives in Anambra state.

Yesterday , FlakkyshukkyTv reported that the Anambra state government ordered the demolition of Prophet Odumeje’s church, The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, a few days after it was marked for demolition.

Videos that surfaced online captured the state operatives demolishing the church’s edifice with Prophet Odumeje trying to stop the process.

A new update that emerged online captured when the operatives shoved the man of God. The video captured the moment when Prophet Odumeje was beaten and slapped by the security operatives.

He was also dragged mercilessly away from the scene of the demolition.

Angry Nigerians protested the inhumane treatment of Prophet Odumeje on the internet. Many claimed the security operatives were wrong to bully the man of God.

Celebrities like Jaiye Kuti, Allwell Ademola, Ayobami Oyikan, Mary Uranta, Seyi Law, and others grieve the maltreatment of Prophet Odumeje by the state security operatives.

Read a few captions below.

seyilaw1: So what is the beating for? All these idiots taken advantage of an assignment to misbehave.

Emmanuellammadueke: But I don’t support what this people did by beating him….I think they have always wanted this day to come through….He is somebody’s father naaaa….Atleast respect him a little

glassesrepublic: It was so unnecessary why beating him small power start misbehaving

Remmymdv: All this forces no Dey get power for bandits side, na for masses side dem go Dey show black belt

kingbloggerload2: See them Awon oloriburuku somebody AJITU HAS SPOKEN

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