Sad: After The Lovely Pregnant Photoshoot, She Didn’t Live To Carry Her Baby.

Sad: After The Lovely Pregnant Photoshoot, She Didn’t Live To Carry Her Baby. See What Happened.

Mrs Njideka got married in the year 2016 but waited for the fruit of the womb for close to three years and was eager to carry her own children.

According to her she got pregnant after she sowed a dangerous seed at Shiloh 2019 but when she returned from Shiloh, she followed her friend to a prayer house where the use to see vision, it was on her arrival to the so called prayer house somewhere in Enugu that her problems started.

She was told in the prayer house that everyone was against her and that her enemy did something, that she will not live to carry her baby.

The (Mummy) the prayer house woman instill fear on her that her only option is to stay in her house so that she will be praying for her as well as taking care of her. All this was because her husband is rich and based abroad. According to Mrs Njideka when she was alive she use to sow seed to the woman.

As a result of fear she left her mansion and was living in the prayer woman house. She stop going to the hospital, according to her, the woman usually deliver babies for some of her church members in her house, meanwhile she is not a nurse or a midwifery.

After the whole prophecy, she was made to stay there to deliver her baby and she died in the process of child birth without a nurse or a doctor. The husband came back from Paris and did nothing to the prayer house woman.

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