US-based Nigerian couple poisoned to death by man’s brother after failing to build house he was sent money for (Photo)

A Nigerian couple, based in the United state have been poisoned to death by the husband’s younger brother to whom the couple has been sending money to help build a house in Nigeria.

According to Johnson Chuks Duruike who posted the story on Facebook, when the couple arrived in Nigeria, they requested to see the ‘completed mansion’.

The younger brother, knowing he has squandered the money and failed to build the house cajoled them to relax in a hotel, promising to take them to their house the next day.

Sadly, both husband and wife were found dead in the hotel the next morning. Investigations later revealed that the younger brother poisoned the couple.

Posting the picture of the couple, Duruike wrote “The picture below is a picture of a couple who came to Nigeria to see the house they built.

“After sending so much money to his younger brother to build d house and he did not build any house.

“The younger brother lodged them in a hotel promising to take them to the house the next day, they were later found dead in their hotel room.

“After many interrogation, it was later discovered that they died of food poison by the younger brother.”

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